Curvissa – It’s Time To Feel Good

Curvissa TV Advert Song – Video and music details to the plus size online fashion retailers Spring and Summer ‘It’s Time To Feel Good’ ad campaign.

This SS18 Curvissa TV ad shows models blowing bubbles, dancing and generally having a good time, while showcasing clothing styles that are available in sizes up to a 32.

Advert Soundtrack
Song: See The Light.
Producer: Gareth Johnson, Stand Alone Productions.

Featuring the lyrics “I got it, I need it, I can’t wait, to see it. I can’t wait no, I can’t wait no”, the song featured in this ad is titled ‘See The Light’ and was produced by Gareth Johnson of Stand Alone Productions. The track has previously been used in a 2015 commercial for ClaireaBella, but hasn’t been released for download as a full single.

This Curvissa SS18 TV ad video was posted to the companies YouTube channel on 1 May, 2018.

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