Corona Extra – Find Your Beach ‘Golden Hour’

Music and singer details for the Mexican larger brands 2016 Find Your Beach ‘Sun Down, Lime In – Golden Hour’ TV ad.

Song Title: Gold In The Air.
Musician/Singer: Jesse Woods.
Available To Download From: iTunes, and Amazon UK.

Corona’s new commercial shows groups of trendy young people watching the sunset while enjoying a bottle of their Extra larger.

The song you hear playing in the ad is called ‘Gold In The Air’, a track from 2013 by the Austin, Texas based folk-pop singer Jesse Woods.

Gold In The Air can either be downloaded an as individual single, or as part of the artists ‘Get Your Burdens Lifted’ album.

This 30-second ‘Golden Hour’ video was added to the official Corona Extra YouTube channel on the 6th of September, 2016, accompanied by the hashtag #SunDownLimeIn.

The commercial finishes with the voice-over slogan “When the sun goes down, the limes go in.”

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