Coors Light Advert Music – Keep It Fresh

In a refreshing change to those comedy battle and the earlier Jean-Claude Van Damme TV commercials, this brand-new ‘Swimming in Snow – Keep It Fresh’ Coors Light TV advert heads back to the beer’s cold spiritual home of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

This latest Coors ad opens with an actor stood in the chilly and windy mountains, dressed only in swimming gear. After the guy moves his goggles down over his eyes, he takes a running drive into the freshly fallen loose snow to take a swim as if he was in the water.

After swimming in snow, the man then heads to the bar to drink a Coors Light beer while the voice-over tells us “Whatever you do, keep it fresh”.

Song Title: Fresh.
Artists: FooR, Majestic & Dread MC.
Download From: Amazon UK.

The song playing in this Coors Light TV advert is a garage tune titled ‘Fresh’ that was released for download in 2018 by the music artists and producers FooR, Majestic and Dread MC.

The lyrics from this track that we hear performed in the Coors commercial are: “Fresh. Anything I touch right now is fresh, Everything in my life right now, bless. Work so hard, no time to rest. I ain’t gonna stop ’til I am the best. Big boy beat from my mandem Foor. Couple CDs. Yeah, that’s pure. I spray a bar and get an encore. Rewind the track ’cause I’m gonna spit more.”

4 February 2020

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