– James Corden ‘Driver Wins’ Confused

Confused Advert Song 2016 – Video, soundtrack and band details for’s new ‘Driver Wins’ TV commercial, starring actor, comedian and chat show host James Corden.

Song Title: Get It On.

Artist/Band: T. Rex.

Available To Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

Arriving almost a year after the launch of’s last major ‘Jump On It’ TV ad campaign, the insurance comparison site are finally back on our screens, and BRIAN’s nowhere to be seen.

Going against George Orwell’s vision and general technological trends, Confused have gone and replaced a robot with a human. And to be more specific, James Corden.

The comedian, television presenter, actor and US chat show host has taken time out from his busy schedule of making TV shows and TV adverts, to make a TV advert.

Already providing the voice-over on ads for We Buy Any Car, Aviva, Disney and probably a load of US commercials we’ve never seen, the Late Late Show and Carpool Karaoke host now gets behind the wheel of a classic Mercedes to become a winning driver.

Having presumably been busy kicking BRIAN to the curb, James is seen running late as he stops off to pick up a friend. Luckily for him though, especially as he never shows any intention of stopping, all the cities traffic lights turn green split seconds before he’s about to run them.

Providing the soundtrack to Mr Corden’s smooth ride is the legendary glam rock singer Marc Bolan and his band T. Rex, with their 1971 hit single ‘Get It On’.

The above 40-second video was posted to’s official YouTube channel on the 3rd of August, 2016.

Oh and if you’re wondering what’s really happened to BRIAN the robot, this video below should solve the mystery. He’s probably wishing now he’d taken the redundancy package.

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