– James Corden ‘Spinning’ Drivers Win Advert Song 2017 – Soundtrack and singer details for James Corden’s new ‘The driver is back. . . to front’ Confused YouTube and TV ad.

Song Title: Let’s Stick Together.

Artist/Singer: Bryan Ferry.

Available For Download At: Amazon and iTunes.

‘The Driver’ is back as comedian and chat show host James ‘Mr Greenlight’ Corden returns to our screens, this time behind the wheel in his adopted home of America.

Once again out driving with a friend in his classic Mercedes, James gets the car into a spin that just won’t seem to end. But with ‘two winners’ on board, the car eventually comes to a stop right outside the pairs restaurant of choice.

The song playing in the ad this time around is British singer Bryan Ferry’s cover of the 1962 Wilbert Harrison track ‘Let’s Stick Together’.

Released as a single in 1976, the Roxy Music frontmans version went on to reach number 4 on the UK charts.

This 40-second advert was added to the insurance price comparison sites official YouTube page on the 25th of December, 2016 and should be airing regularly on TV well into 2017.

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