Advert Song – BRIAN the Robot Dancing to ‘Jump On It’ Ad Song 2015: August/September TV commercial sees BRIAN the Robot & the Herberts dancing to a classic hip hop-disco tune. #JumpOnIt

What’s the name of the song used on the 2015 advert and who sing’s it?

Song Title: Apache (Jump On It!)

Performers/Singer: Sugarhill Gang

Download From: iTunes or Amazon.

The track featured in this latest Confused ad is called ‘Apache’, though its perhaps better known by the alternative title of ‘Jump On It’. The songs origin is rather complex but it comes from the groups 1982 album ‘8th Wonder’. A newer version was then included on their 1999 album ‘Jump on It!’ Since then there have also been remixes of the track, including Sir Mix-A-Lot’s version in 1996.

The Sugarhill Gang are a US hip hop/disco group who’s other notable singles include the 1979 hit ‘Rapper’s Delight’.

As a song, Apache was originally released way back in 1960, back then sounding very different as a guitar instrumental by The Shadows. It wasn’t until 1973 when Incredible Bongo Band did their thing with it, that the track started to resemble the tune you hear in the commercial.

Having not been seen in a new TV ad for a few months now, it appears BRIAN the Robot has taken some tips from a rival price comparison site and learned some epic dance moves. Though being a robot, I guess it would’ve been less a case of needing lessons, and more one of reprogramming.

Call me a purist, but I personally found the old naive BRIAN, rattling down the pavement more charming than the slick piece of kit we see today. But I guess that’s progress for you.

Above you can watch the full Summer 2015 advert, while below, fans of The Graham Norton Show may remember ‘Jump On It’ for other reasons. Perhaps this is where BRIAN got some of his moves from. Tip: It starts at around 4:24 on the video:

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