– Sheep Whisperer with James Corden

Confused TV Advert Song 2017 – Video, music and band details to’s new ‘Sheep Whisperer’ ad, starring actor and presenter James Corden. #sheepwhisperer

Song Title: Town Called Malice.

Artists/Band: The Jam.

Available To Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

As if having the powers to make traffic lights turn green as you approach, pull off handbrake turn parking maneuvers without trying and getting the fuel pump to stop on the right amount first time wasn’t enough, James Corden can now even communicate with sheep.

This brand new ‘Sheep Whisperer’ advert for sees the actor and talk show host parting a woolly flock with just words and hand gestures, while a perfectly capable sheepdog looks on from a nearby car. With the road baa-rricade now clear, Corden and his fellow drivers can continue on their way.

The song playing in this Confused TV ad is called ‘Town Called Malice’ – a track recorded by British band The Jam. With frontman Paul Weller on lead vocals, Town Called Malice was released in 1982 and went on to top the UK singles chart.

Although not officially confirmed, the lady providing the voice-over at the end of this advert sounds to us like television and radio presenter Melanie Sykes.

Following the broadcast of a few short teaser clips, the above 40-second Sheep Whisperer video was posted to the YouTube channel on the 30th of September, 2017.

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