Compare The Market Advert – ‘All By Myself’ Meerkat Movies

Compare The Meerkat Advert – Soundtrack and singer details for the latest Compare the Market – Meerkat Movies TV ad.

This latest Compare the Market TV advert sees Aleksandr surprised to not find Sergei in his room when he goes to wake him up, instantly triggering feeling of loneliness.

Song Title: All By Myself.
Artist/Singer: Jamie O’Neal.
Available To Download Via: Amazon and iTunes.

With Aleksandr all alone in his mansion and clearly missing his servant/best friend, we wonder just what has happened to Sergei.

But as the commercial ends inside the cinema, it fortunately turns out that Sergei had simply been taking a rare day off and Aleksandr plays down any suggestion of missing his buddy.

The version of ‘All By Myself’ we hear playing during the advert is not Celine Dion’s cover, but in fact the version by Australian country singer Jamie O’Neal that was used in the Bridget Jones movies. All by Myself was originally recorded by the American singer-songwriter and musician Eric Carmen.

The above 40-second version of this advert was posted to the Compare The Meerkat YouTube channel on the 5th of May, 2017.

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