Compare The Market Advert – Actress Nicole Kidman’s Meerkat Movies Commercial

Compare The Meerkat Advert M- Video and song details for the new Meerkat Movies TV commercial, starring actress Nicole Kidman.

‘Son of a mongoose’ – possibly the greatest line a meerkat has ever spoken. With it appearing Arnie won’t be back after all, Compare The Market have now enlisted the services of another Hollywood A-lister.

Song Title: Take My Breath Away (Love Theme from ‘Top Gun’)
Group/Singer: Berlin.
Available For Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

In this latest ad, Aleksandr is surprised to see Sergei carrying a bunch of flowers (still wearing his ID badge), as he heads off for a night at the cinema.

Aware they’d made no plans to go out, Aleksandr is amused by Sergei’s claim of having lined up a hot date. However, the smile is quickly wiped off Mr Orlov’s face when he opens the door to find none other than Australian actress Nicole Kidman.

In a state of total disbelief, Aleksandr proclaims his loyal servant to be a ‘son of a mongoose’. Nicole then excitedly escorts Sergei off to the movies.

Despite the worlds hardest working meerkat presumably having used his Compare The Market 2 for 1 cinema deal to purchase the pairs tickets, the millionaire actress still proves unwilling to share her popcorn.

Following on from the recent Arnold Schwarzenegger adverts, the price comparison site continues to employ big name stars to promote its Meerkat Movies offer. Goodness knows how much Nicole was paid to say those four words ‘Sergei you look adorable’.

The song featured in the commercial is called ‘Take My Breath Away’ and is performed by the new wave American band, Berlin.

This piece of music famously appeared on the soundtrack to the 1986 film Top Gun, which starred Nicole Kidman’s ex-husband, Tom Cruise.

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