Comfort Intense Advert – 3D Treatment – Song by Brazzabelle & Leo Justi

This new 2019 TV ad for fabric conditioner brand Comfort encourages viewers to add life to their clothes with Comfort Intense 3D treatment softener, as they offer the prospect of ‘Epic Brightness’, ‘Unreal Softness’ and ‘Bright, Fresh, Soft Clothes’. The video concludes with the hashtag #longliveclothes.

Song Title: Swipe It Off.
Artists: Brazzabelle & Leo Justi (feat. Zanillya).
Download From: Amazon UK & iTunes.

The Comfort advert song playing in the background of this video is a track called ‘Swipe It Off’ that was released for download in 2017. This tune was recorded by music artists Brazzabelle and Leo Justi, and features Dutch female singer-songwriter Zanillya.

15 April 2019

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