Coca-Cola Zero Sugar – ‘Taste The Feeling’

Video, music and singers details to the latest ‘Discover Coca-Cola Zero Sugar’ YouTube and TV advert, featuring a new version of Taste The Feeling.

Song Title: Taste The Feeling.
Artists/Singers: Keeley Bumford and William Makar.
Download the original Avicii and Conrad Sewell version from: iTunes, Amazon UK and

Starring lots more young, cool and good looking people enjoying themselves on a hot sunny beach, Coke’s latest TV ad campaign asks viewers to discover Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.

You may well have noticed that this 2017 commercial features a new version of the brands theme tune ‘Taste The Feeling’.

Whereas the original version of this song was recorded by Avicii and Conrad Sewell, this cover is actually being sung by Keeley Bumford and William Makar.

This latest recording doesn’t appear to have been released as a full length version, but you can of course still download Conrad Sewell’s original.

The above 30-second version of this commercial was posted to the official Coca-Cola Great Britain & Ireland YouTube channel on the 11th of August, 2017.

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