Coca-Cola – ‘Hey Brother’ Taste The Feeling

Singer and song details for Coca-Cola’s latest ‘Brotherly Love’ Taste The Feeling TV commercial.

Song Title: Hey Brother.
Band/Singer: Space Camp featuring Josh Jones.
Download the original Avicii version from: Amazon and iTunes.

Coca-Cola’s new 2016 Brotherly Love ad features a cover of the 2013 song ‘Hey Brother’, which was originally recorded by the Swedish DJ and producer Avicii.

A massive worldwide hit and reaching number 2 in the UK charts, the single included vocals from American bluegrass singer Dan Tyminski.

The new version you hear playing in Coke’s Taste The Feeling advert is performed by the band Space Camp, this time featuring vocals by Josh Jones. This cover is unfortunately not available to download, but you can of course still get Avicii’s version.

Coca-Cola’s commercial shows a boy constantly teasing his younger brother and, to put it polietly, generally being an unpleasant person. But when he sees someone other than himself giving his brother a hard time, stealing his bottle of Coke, the guy finally shows some compassion for his sibling. After the older brother gets the bottle back and scares the bullies away, the younger boy is pleasantly surprised to see this family member does care for him really.

As part of the companies #TasteTheFeeling advertising campaign, the above video was uploaded to Coca-Cola’s official YouTube channel on the 19th of January, 2016.

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