Co-op Advert – Pizza

Featuring the slogan ‘It’s What We Do’, this new Co-op TV advert promotes delicious pizza on recyclable cardboard trays.

The 30-second video shows kids and adults holding up these cardboard trays that have had words written on them to promote their existence and how they’re better for the planet. According to the Co-op, their cardboard trays allow them to save over 200 tonnes of plastic each year.

Co-op’s current selection of pizzas include their New York Inspired Philly Cheese Steak, Fired Margarita, and GRO Kashmiri Spice.

This 2020 Co-op advert song is a Caribbean-style piece of music that we’ve so far been unable to identify. The tune may have been recorded specifically for this ad, but if we find out the song name and artist we’ll update this page with the new info.


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