ClaireaBella Advert Song – ‘I Can’t Wait’

ClaireaBella Advert Music 2015 – New Clairea Bella Designs ‘Everyone Loves A Classic’ TV and YouTube commercial from

Song Title: See The Light.

Musician/Producer: Gareth Johnson, Stand Alone Productions.

This brand-new 2015 TV ad for ClaireaBella includes a track called ‘See The Light’. The song is by Gareth Johnson of Stand Alone Productions.

According to their Twitter page, the London-based production company specialize in creating music for TV, Film, Games and New Media.

Despite having been around for a few years now, this piece of music doesn’t appear to have been released for download though either iTunes or Amazon. It is however listed on Audio Network, where it also states the female vocals of the track are provided by ElfinLoves.

A rock version of See The Light also exists, titled ‘I Want It’.

The lyrics that you hear sung in the 30-second advert are: ‘Come On. I Got It, I Need It, I Can’t Wait To See It. I Got It, I Need It, I Can’t Wait To See It. I Can’t Wait No, I Can’t Wait No.’

Along with a shorter 10-second version, the above ‘Everyone Loves A Classic’ video was uploaded to the YouTube channel on the 26th of October, 2015.

The range of ClaireaBella bags shown in the advert can be purchased from the online gift store Toxic Fox.

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