Citroen C4 Cactus – Life Is Hectic Enough

Citroen Commercial Song – Video, soundtrack and artist info for this new C4 Cactus ‘Because your life is hectic enough!’ internet and TV advert.

Song Title: All in All.
Musician/Band: Superjava.
Full download or stream via: iTunes, Amazon or Apple Music.

Citroen’s ad for their C4 Cactus shows a man so busy with family life and getting to work, he forgets he’s placed his cup of tea (or coffee) on the SUV’s roof.

Thankfully though for this rushed dad, the C4 Cactus comes with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions suspension, meaning the guys cuppa stays upright and in place, ready to drink as he heads into work.

As the advert points out at the end, you can experience this Citroen SUV for yourself by booking a 24 hour test drive.

The song playing in this commercial is titled ‘All in All’ and was released for download by Superjava in 2017.

This 30-second ‘Because your life is hectic enough!’ video was posted to Citroen UK’s YouTube channel on 29 March, 2018.

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