Churchill Advert Music – Skateboard ‘Chill’

Here’s the new ‘Dog on Skateboard’ advert for Churchill insurance that’s bound to divide the opinion of viewers as it sees the introduction of a far more realistic looking version of their Bulldog mascot Churchie.

The ad video shows the “Oh yes” dog enjoying a relaxing ride on a skateboard as the advert voice actor questions “Isn’t this how insurance should make you feel?”. Although we like the commercial, we can’t help but wonder how fans of the much-loved nodding dog will react to Churchill’s reinvention.

All we know about where this video was filmed is that it’s in a sunnier European location than here in Britain, so either our four-legged friend has moved abroad or he’s enjoying a late-season holiday. We so far haven’t found out who’s providing the voiceover.

Song Title: O.D.
Singer: Britney Stoney.
Download From: Amazon UK.

The Churchill insurance advert music playing here is a tune simply titled ‘O.D.’. This song, that fits in nicely with the ads chilled ‘churchill‘ theme, was released last Summer by the American R&B vocalist Britney Stoney.

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