Watch: Christmas Advert from Wales – ‘Forever Young’ Song by Andrea von Kampen

A store in Wales called Hafod Hardware have just released their new Christmas advert, featuring a cover of the song ‘Forever Young’ recorded by singer Andrea von Kampen.

If you’ve so far been underwhelmed by the 2019 selection of Christmas TV adverts we’ve been seeing by the big retailers and brands, maybe this ‘Be A Kid This Christmas’  video will win you over.

This 2-minute ad from Welsh store Hafod Hardware shows that if you’ve got a simple but great idea, along with a great cast and soundtrack to match, then a small budget is no obstacle to producing a popular heartwarming film.

The ad stars a 2-year-old boy named Arthur Lewis Jones, cheerfully putting in a shift at the hardware shop over the festive period before, at the end of the day, changing into his dad. The story then makes perfect sense when we see the genius tagline “Be A Kid This Christmas”.

I’m sure there are plenty of well-paid advertising executives watching this advert thinking they wish they’d thought of this idea. Let’s face it, this video that’s now gone viral on YouTube and social media is better than most, if not all of the big-budget festive advert adverts from the big brands and retailers in 2019, especially those who’ve forgotten the importance of an attention-grabbing soundtrack.

Song Title: Forever Young.
Singer: Andrea von Kampen.
Search for Andrea von Kampen’s music at Amazon UK.

Key to the popularity of this commercial, along with little Arthur of course, is the Hafod Hardware Christmas advert music: a cover of the song ‘Forever Young’.

The acoustic cover version playing in this ad was recorded by the American singer Andrea von Kampen, while the original was released in 1984 by German synth-pop group Alphaville, with Forever Young being their debut studio albums title track.

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