Cathedral City Advert Music – Feels Like Home

Cathedral City Cheese brings back a song from one of their earlier ad campaigns to provide the soundtrack to this new ‘Stay Home’ TV advert.

Released during these times of the coronavirus restrictions, this #stayhome commercial points out that the safest and most comforting place to be right now is home, and shows us kids playing at home while outdoor spaces remain unused.

Song Title: Home.
Musician/Singer: Dan Croll.
Download Via: iTunes or Amazon UK.

Featuring the lyrics “Feels like home”, this Cathedral City Cheese advert song for 2020 is performed by the English singer-songwriter Dan Croll and is titled ‘Home’. The single was first released for download back in 2013 and can also be found on Dan’s debut studio album, ‘Sweet Disarray’.

Using some different sections of the song with lyrics more suitable to cold Autumn and Winter weather, this same track has also been used in TV adverts for the sofa retailer DFS.

24 April 2020

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