Carlsberg Advert Music – If Carlsberg Did Chocolate Bars

Carlsberg Advert Music 2016 – Song and artist information for the new ‘If Carlsberg Did Chocolate Bars’ internet and TV commercial. #‎IfCarlsbergDid

Song Title: Making Me Smile.

Artist/Musician: Max Brodie.

Available To Download Or Listen To Via: Audio Network.

The song featured in Carlsberg’s latest ad comes from the English composer Max Brodie and is titled ‘Making Me Smile’.

Even if you’ve never heard of Max before, chances are you’ve already heard much of his music. That’s because this Manchester-based producer has provided the TV ad songs for a number of different brands in recent years.

Brodie has previously worked on ads for such companies as Volkswagen, American Express, Sony PlayStation, Blackberry, Sky TV, LG, Microsoft, TK Maxx, BT Sport, IKEA and many more. You may also remember the recent ‘Happy Bus Journey’ advert from Vodafone, which included Max’s ‘Be Good’ song, featuring Tom Rosenthal.

Making Me Smile was released in 2012 but isn’t available to download from either iTunes or Amazon. However, you can get hold of the track through Audio Network.

This new TV advert takes a look at how things would be if Carlsberg did chocolate bars. Do you see what they did there? Chocolate ‘bars’?

Anyway, the video, which was posted to the Carlsberg UK YouTube channel on the 23rd of March, 2016, shows members of the public helping themselves to free pints and chocolate from a specially constructed bar.

The tasty-looking structure was designed by sculptor and food artist Prudence Staite, and took three months to put together.

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