Calvin Klein Commercial – Deep Euphoria Margot Robbie Ad

Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria Ad – Soundtrack and singer info for CK’s new fragrance commercial starring actress and model Margot Robbie.

Calvin Klein’s ad campaign for Deep Euphoria stars the face of their new fragrance – Australian model and actress Margot Robbie.

Song Title: Deep.
Singer/Group: Marian Hill.
Available To Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

Currently best recognised for playing the character Harley Quinn in DC Comics antihero movie Suicide Squad, this former Neighbours star who’s now living in the UK signed her deal with CK earlier this year.

The advert shows the blonde beauty walking around a building in a purple dress, as she finds herself and other people in different rooms partying and relaxing. But in the end it turns out to have all been a dream.

The song featured in the commercial is appropriately called ‘Deep’ – A track released for download by Marian Hill back in February, 2016.

Now I think you could be easily forgiven for assuming Marian Hill is a female solo artist, but you’d be wrong. It’s actually the name of an American singer-songwriting duo made up of producer Jeremy Lloyd and vocalist Samantha Gongol.

The above internet and TV ad campaign for Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria launched in August, 2016 and should now be broadcasting in multiple countries.

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