Cadbury Darkmilk Jason Donovan Advert – Grown Up

Former Neighbours actor Jason Donovan stars in this TV advert for the new Cadbury Dark Milk chocolate bar, and if you don’t recognise or remember Jason, that’s OK, it just means this ad isn’t aimed at you.

For viewers of the correct age to remember the mullet, Scott & Charlene’s big wedding, and that made “especially for you” reference, chances are you also noticed Bouncer the dog has changed breed from being a Labrador Retriever to a Jack Russell cross, who appears to be played by Paddy. You may recognise this cute canine from ITV’s drama series Midsomer Murders.

This 2019 advert sees Jason Donovan describe Cadbury Darkmilk as a “Completely new type of chocolate. Creamy like milk chocolate, but also richer and darker too”. This ‘It’s a bit grown up’ ad is accompanied by a similarly themed commercial starring singer Kim Wilde.

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