Cadbury Dairy Milk Advert Music – ‘I’ve Got Joy In My Heart’ Feel The Joy Commercial

Cadbury Advert Music 2016 – Video, singers and song information for Dairy Milk’s ‘Feel The Joy – Triplets’ YouTube and TV commercial.

Song Title: Joy.

Group/Singers: The Soil.

Download The Full Track From: iTunes and Amazon.

One thing you can never accuse Cadbury’s adverts of being is boring. Whatever you may think of this latest creation, it’ll be sure to grab viewers attention. The ad shows three babies singing inside the womb, while the pregnant mother rides the bus and enjoys a bar of Dairy Milk.

Though I personally find the commercial fairly warm and uplifting, it appears many early YouTube viewers think the CGI triplets come across a little creepy. I guess that one’s just down to individual perception.

A big part of why I believe this will be a successful advert for Cadbury’s, is their clever choice of soundtrack. The song you see the babies lip-syncing to (sorry to point out that it’s not actually them singing) is called ‘Joy’ and is performed by three-piece South African acapella group, The Soil. Released in 2011, the track is taken from the trio’s self-titled debut studio album.

Some of the lyrics from Joy that you hear sung in the advert are: ‘Joy, ho oh oh oh oh. I got joy in my heart, and you know. It’s the kind of feeling, followed by, a sense of healing, yeah’ and ‘We a family’.

Having originally formed in 2003 with a greater number of members, The Soil currently consist of vocalists Buhlebendalo Mda, Ntsika Ngxanga and Luphindo Ngxanga.

Although this ‘Feel The Joy’ Dairy Milk advert has been broadcast before, the 45 second video above was uploaded to Cadbury’s official YouTube channel on the 15th of January, 2016.

Watch: The Soil Performing Joy – Full VEVO Music Video

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