Cadbury Marvellous Smashables Advert – ‘Hairdressers’ Rocky Mallow Road Dairy Milk

Cadbury Marvellous Creations Smashables Advert – September, 2015: Rocky Mallow Road Dairy Milk hairdressers commercial.

This new TV ad from Cadbury shows the staff of a hair salon unwinding at the end of a hard days work.

After smashing apart a bar of Rocky Mallow Road Dairy Milk, a young moonwalking man and his female colleagues break into a sugar fuelled musical theatre-style song and dance routine.

As with all Cadbury adverts, there’s a distinctive purple theme to the salons décor and going by that draw full of chocolate, this group performance is no isolated incident.

We’re currently not sure what the name of the song is or who’s singing it. However, the lyrics featured in the commercial go something like this: ‘I got the rock if you got the roll. I got the beat if you got the soul. I want more, more, more. . .’

Presumably full details of the mystery track will emerge in the near future, hopefully along with the release of an official single to download.

The advert promotes Cadbury’s new marvellous smashables rocky mallow road Dairy Milk, which in addition to the standard Cadbury milk chocolate, also contains fluffy marshmallo, strawberry jellies and crunchy shortcake biscuit.

Though released in Ireland a few days earlier, the 30-second video was uploaded to Cadbury’s main UK YouTube channel on the 8th of September, 2015.

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