Burberry Commercial Music – Runway Make-Up Advert

Burberry Advert – Singer and song details for the new Burberry Runway Make-Up campaign, starring British model Amber Anderson.

Song Title: Me And You.
Artist/Singer: Jake Bugg.
Available For Download From: iTunes, Amazon.com and Amazon UK.

Featuring the lyrics ‘I don’t know what to do, no they won’t catch me and you’, the song used in Burberry’s runway make-up commercial is simply called ‘Me And You’.

The track is performed by the English singer-songwriter Jake Bugg and was released as a single in January, 2013.

In addition to being available for individual download, you can also find Me And You on the indie musicians second studio album ‘Shangri La’.

This latest advert from London-based fashion house Burberry promotes the brands limited edition runway inspired make-up collection and products.

The lady you see appearing in the ad is British actress and model Amber Anderson, who is known for starring in the films ‘We Are the Freaks’ and ‘The Riot Club’, as well as once being the girlfriend of Scottish singer Paolo Nutini.

The above video was added to Burberry’s official YouTube channel on the 12th of August, 2016.

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