Bulmers – 100% Irish Cider

Bulmers Cider Advert Music 2017 – Video and soundtrack details for Bulmers new ‘100% Irish Cider’ TV advertising campaign.

Song Title: 8am.

Artists/Group: NVDES.

Available For Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

Bulmers latest TV advert shows people enjoying a big house party, while giving a percentage rating of the things going on in the guests minds.

The Irish Cider brands commercial shows a pair of shoes with a 0% chance they’ll be white tomorrow, a DJ who has just an 8% clue of what the knobs on his deck do and a woman staring blankly on the stairs, 53% worried she’s left her straighteners turned on.

We also see a lady who 69% fancies the guy dancing next to her, who in turn 82% fancies himself, a man dancing in a suit who’s 91% sure he’s at the wrong party and a group of friends 99% unsure what they’re all laughing at.

All these percentage ratings finally make sense at the end of the ad, when we’re shown a bottle and glass of Bulmers, accompanied by the slogan ‘100% Irish Cider’.

The song playing in this 60-second Bulmers Original advert is called ‘8am’ and was released for download by Los Angeles-based collective NVDES in October, 2016.

8am was released as part of the groups album ‘Life with Lobsters’.

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