B&Q Kitchens Advert Music – ‘Jump In’

B&Q Advert Music – September, 2015: Song and artist info for the new B and Q ‘Jump In’ Kitchen ad.

Song Title: Get a Move On.

Artist/Performer: Mr. Scruff.

Available To Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

The tune used in the latest B&Q TV advert is called ‘Get a Move On’ and was created by the British DJ and electronic music producer Mr Scruff, real name Andrew Carthy.

Based in Stretford, Greater Manchester, Mr. Scruff released ‘Get a Move On’ as a single in 1999. The song was taken from his second album, Keep It Unreal.

This new TV commercial shows a woman jump into a B&Q magazine ad to get a more hands-on look at the kitchens features. Not satisfied with performing one miraculous act of teleportation, she then pushes herself head first through a tablet to gatecrash a children’s party and begins going through the home owners cupboards.

The brazen woman then dives through a TV screen before settling on an alternate reality which offers what she’s really looking for: a man holding two glasses of red wine.

Finishing with the companies regular slogan ‘Unleash the B&Q in you’, the above advert had already been airing on TV for a few days before being uploaded to B&Q’s official YouTube channel on the 11th of September, 2015.

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