Boohoo Man – No Vacancy

Boohoo Man Advert Song, Spring 2017 – Video, music and artist details for the new boohooMAN ‘No Vacancy’ TV and YouTube advertising campaign. #NoVacancy

Song Title: Clap.

Musician/Producer: New Machine.

Now that the cold, dark winter is almost behind us, Boohoo Man tells us Spring brings with it endless possibilities of good times and memories as we party our way into the summer.

The soundtrack to this TV ad has been created by the London-based music producer and songwriter New Machine.

The track is titled ‘Clap’ and so far doesn’t appear to have been released for download as a full length song.

This 30-second ‘No Vacancy’ video was posted to the official YouTube channel, viewable in up to 4K picture resolution, on the 6th of Mach, 2017 and is currently being broadcast during TV ad breaks.

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