Boohoo – ‘Hotter Than Hell’ by Dua Lipa

Boohoo Advert Music 2016 – Song and singer details for’s Summer ‘We Are Free Spirits – We Are Insta Queens’ TV and YouTube ad. #WeAreUs

Song Title: Hotter Than Hell.

Artist/Singer: Dua Lipa.

Available To Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

As you’ve probably already guessed from listening to its lyrics, the song featured in boohoo’s latest Summer TV ad is called ‘Hotter Than Hell’.

The track is performed by Dua Lipa and will be the English-Albanian singers next single, following on from February’s ‘Last Dance’.

This up-and-coming London-based musician began her first European tour earlier this year, with her debut album due to be released later in 2016.

Another of Dua Lipa’s earlier singles, Be The One, is also currently featuring in a TV ad, this time in Vauxhall’s ‘Yes It’s A Corsa’ campaign.

Boohoo’s latest ‘We Are Us’ advert is already the third release we’ve covered from the online fashion retailer this year and now includes the slogans ‘We Are Free Spirits’ and ‘We Are Insta Queens’.

The ad was posted to’s official YouTube page on the 25th of April and shows a group of models having fun in a hot-looking desert location.

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