Boohoo Advert Song – ‘We Are Ready’ Ad Music – Singer and song details for the August, 2015 ‘We Are Us, We Are Ready’ TV and YouTube commercial.

What’s the name of the song used in the August Boohoo advert and who’s singing it?

Song Title: Walk.

Performers/Singer: Kwabs.

Download Via: iTunes or Amazon.

The track featured in the August, 2015 Boohoo ad is called ‘Walk’ and it’s performed by British singer-songwriter Kwabs.

Walk, which was Kwabs debut single, was released on the 26th of September, 2014.

From there it became a massive hit around much of Europe, reaching number 1 in Hungary, Romania and Germany. Strangely though, in Kwabs home country, the single peaked at just number 71 in the official UK charts.

If your in any doubt though of the songs true popularity, Walk’s official music video, which you can watch below, has so far received nearly 75 million views on YouTube.

Impressive figures by any singer or bands standards, especially for a debut single.

As many gamers/football fans may remember, the track was also featured on the soundtrack to EA Sport’s FIFA 15 game.

The TV ad (above) shows off some of the online fashion retailers Autumn and Winter, 2015 collection.

Uploaded to their YouTube channel on Monday the 17th of August, the commercial was filmed in the Spanish city of Barcelona.

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