Bonprix – It’s Me ‘She’s Got The Look’ Commercial

Bonprix Advert Song, Spring/Summer and Autumn 2017 – Music and singer details for the fashion retailers new ‘It’s Me – She’s Got The Look’ TV commercial.

Song Title: The Look.

Artist/Singer: Lioba.

Download The Original Roxette Version From: Amazon and iTunes.

Fashion brand bon prix have just released their new Spring and Summer 2017 TV ad campaign, encouraging ladies to discover their style in sizes ranging from 6 to 32.

Finishing with the slogan ‘Bon Prix, It’s Me’ the advert promises thousands of fabulous styles to choose from, along with a 25% discount and free standard delivery on first +account orders.

Despite the commercial featuring a voice over pretty much all the way through, you may well still recognise the song in the background as ‘The Look’.

Performed here by Lioba, this is a cover version of Swedish pop group Roxette’s 1989 hit single, which incredibly reached number 1 on the singles chart in 25 different countries, including Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy and the United States.

The above 30-second video was uploaded to the official bonprix UK YouTube channel on the 17th of March, 2017 and is now airing during TV ad breaks here in the UK.

You can hear a little more of Lioba’s version of The Look in the German version of this commercial below:

Bonprix Red TV Advert Autumn 2017

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