BMW xDrive – Get Out There

BMW Advert – Music and band details for the xDrive’s Intelligent All-Wheel Drive ‘Get Out There’ internet and TV commercial.

Song Title: Song 2.
Artist/Band: Blur.
Available To Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

This new TV ad for BMW’s xDrive all-wheel drive system features a piece of music that saw Britpop band Blur come over all heavy metal.

Taken from the group’s self-titled fifth studio album, the track is simply titled ‘Song 2’. Featuring the lyrics ‘Woo-hoo. When I feel heavy metal’, Song 2 was released as a single in April, 1997 and went on to appropriately reach number 2 on the UK charts.

Since then Song 2 has been used in numerous TV shows, movies and video games, including Guitar Hero 5 and its real guitar rival Rocksmith.

BMW’s new TV advert asks viewers to remember when everything they did was for the sheer pleasure of doing it. Something that, driving wise, is clearly much easier to relate to on open country roads than in gridlocked city traffic.

xDrive is the name BMW gives to their intelligent all-wheel-drive technology, which now appears to be available on virtually their entire range of cars, including the 1 Series.

The above 60-second version of this ‘Get Out There – The Ultimate Driving Machine’ commercial was posted to the BMW UK YouTube channel and is already airing on British TV.

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