BMW X2 – Be The One Who Dares

What’s the name of the song playing in this new ‘Be The One Who Dares’ advert for the BMW X2?

Soundtrack: Young Men Dead.
Artists/Band: The Black Angels.
Download or stream from: Amazon, iTunes & Apple Music.

The track playing in this latest BMW commercial is called ‘Young Men Dead’ and was recorded by American psychedelic rock band The Black Angels.

This song was released for download in 2006 and features on the Texan group’s debut album ‘Passover’.

BMW’s ‘Be The One Who Dares’ TV ad for the X2 SUV, which was posted to their UK YouTube channel on 19 April 2018, asks why we spend so much time fitting in when there’s so much joy in standing out?

The video shows a woman climbing up a ladder to escape her boring office job, emerging from a manhole to take the wheel of the X2.

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