BMW X1 – Embrace The Unknown

BMW Advert – Song details for the new BMW X1 ‘Embrace the Unknown’ TV commercial.

Soundtrack: The Wave.
Artist/Musicians: PlayDis!.
Download Full-Length Version From: iTunes and Amazon.

The tune you hear playing in this new BMW X1 ad is called ‘The Wave’. The track was created by the music production company PlayDis!, who specialise in composing original soundtracks for film and TV.

It should be pointed out that ‘The Wave’ is an instrumental piece of music and the lyrics you hear spoken in the advert have been dubbed over the top – Just in case you were going to download the MP3, expecting the words to be included.

The Wave was first released for download in the summer of 2014 and has previously appeared in a very similar American commercial for the BMW X4.

The above video was added to BMW UK’s official YouTube channel on the 13th of October, 2015 and features the following spoken words: “Go, go first. Go on. Go with the waves, lead the brave. Go bold, go strong. Go to oceans where no one’s gone.”

In typical car commercial tradition, this ad shows a white BMW X1 traveling through a variety of scenic and city landscapes, demonstrating the vehicle’s ability to handle all types of terrain and driving conditions.

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