BMW 5 Series – Ambition Raised

BMW UK Commercial – Music and singer details to the ‘Ambition, Raised’ YouTube and TV ad for the new BMW 5 Series.

Song Title: The Boss (remixed version).

Artist/Singer: James Brown.

Download The Original Version From: iTunes and Amazon.

This latest BMW TV advert promotes their new 5 Series as “The most innovative car in its class” and finishes with the tagline ‘Ambition, Raised’.

The commercial shows a man named Scott setting out in his BMW 5 Series for an early morning drive through picturesque country roads, before arriving at his inner city destination.

Providing the soundtrack to the ad is the Godfather of Soul James Brown, with his classic 1973 song ‘The Boss’.

The track we hear playing in the advert appears to be a slightly remixed version of The Boss, likely recorded especially for the BMW campaign.

The Boss originally featured on James Brown’s soundtrack album to the film Black Caesar, which also includes the song ‘Down and Out in New York City’.

BMW added the above ‘Ambition, Raised’ video to their official UK YouTube channel on the 4th of February, 2017, while the commercial is currently airing regularly during TV ad breaks.

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