Birds Eye Advert Song – ‘Boy With a Tail’

Birds Eye Advert Music 2016 – Song information for the frozen food brands new ‘Boy With a Tail’ TV and YouTube ad. #BoyWithaTail

Song Title: Rubber Biscuit.

Original Group/Singers: The Chips.

Original Available To Download Via: iTunes and Amazon.

Birds Eye’s strange new ‘Boy With a Tail’ advert features a cover of the 1956 doo-wop song ‘Rubber Biscuit’.

The tune was originally performed by the New York vocal group The Chips, before later being recorded by The Blues Brothers. The track used in this ad doesn’t sound identical to either of these versions and may well be a new rerecording made especially for Birds Eye.

Although the cover from the ad doesn’t appear to be available for download, you can still get both The Chips and Blues Brothers versions from Amazon and iTunes.

This unusual commercial from Birds Eye shows a boy with a tail, and an incredible sense of smell, rushing home for his tea. Despite being in an obvious hurry, the lad takes an extremely long and scenic route home from school, venturing through woods, fields and a sandy beach. If he has to make this journey everyday, there’s no wonder he’s got an appetite.

On his travels, the boy even spots Captain Birds Eye himself, who after a few years of being replaced by Clarence the polar bear, now makes a return to our screens.

The above ad finishes with the slogan ‘Get Their Tails Wagging’ and was posted to Birds Eye’s YouTube channel on the 8th of April, 2016.

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