BGO Advert Song – ‘U Can’t Beat This’ Commercial

BGO Advert Music 2016 – Video and song information for the online casino’s new YouTube and TV ad campaign.

Original Song Title: U Can’t Touch This.

Original Singer/Rapper: MC Hammer.

Download the original version from: Amazon and iTunes.

Again starring ‘Austin Powers’ Mini-Me actor Verne Troyer, but now seemingly distancing themselves from socialite Paris Hilton, return to our screens with their brand new ‘U Can’t Beat This’ advert.

The ad features a reworded version of MC Hammer’s 1990 hit ‘U Can’t Touch This’, now using the lyrics ‘U Can’t Beat This’.

Hammer’s original pop-rap single topped the charts in many countries around the world and reached number 3 here in the UK.

According to BGO’s ‘Boss’ Verne Troyer, he can’t be beat. Now I’m not sure what individual people look for when choosing an online casino or bingo site, but being told I can’t beat them and seeing how rich the boss is wouldn’t exactly encourage me to join.

However, with most betting sites always focusing on how much money users could potentially win, perhaps you could argue’s commercials are refreshingly being more honest.

The above full length version of BGO’s ad was posted to the companies official YouTube channel on the 10th of June, 2016 and is now airing regularly on late night television.

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