Beconase Advert Music – Take Back Summer

Beconase Advert Music – Soundtrack info for the hayfever relief nasal spray’s new ‘Take Back Summer’ TV ad.

Advert Title: Beconase – Take Back Summer.

Song Title: Currently unknown.

Beconase’s 2016 ad features what appears to be a brand-new piece of hip hop/rap music, which we’ve so far been unable to identify.

Usually when a commercial pops-up with a previously unheard soundtrack, it usually turns out to be a bespoke creation made just for that ad and never gets released as a single.

However, this one just sounds like it’s a small section of a longer song. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if anything more comes of it.

Some of the lyrics we hear performed in the advert go something like this: ‘Blow that money like a candle on a birthday cake. I’m getting money, that’s the words they hate.’

Part of the reason I think this could be either a little known existing track or an upcoming release is because you can still hear lyrics in the background after the voice-over comes in, instead of fading out like you’d expect with a specially made piece of music.

The above 30-second ad, which shows a guy travelling down a river in a swan pedalo, was posted to YouTube on the 31st of May, 2016.

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