Baylis & Harding – Thank You for Being a Friend

Baylis & Harding Advert Song, Christmas 2016 – Music and singer details for the luxury bath and body care brands festive internet and TV ad campaign.

Song Title: Thank You for Being a Friend (Andrew Gold cover).

Artist/Singer: Alyssa Bonagura.

Available For Download Via: iTunes and Amazon.

Baylis and Harding’s new Christmas TV advert features a cover of the song ‘Thank You for Being a Friend’, which was originally written and recorded in 1978 by the American musician Andrew Gold.

The version you hear in the ad is being performed by US singer-songwriter Alyssa Bonagura. The Nashville-born pop-country artist released this cover for download in March, 2015.

In America particularly, the song Thank You for Being a Friend is well known for being the theme tune to NBC’s classic sitcom The Golden Girls, that time being sung by Cynthia Fee.

Stating that ‘Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Baylis & Harding’, the above 30-second video was posted to the companies YouTube channel on the 14th of November, 2016, just over a week after first appearing on TV during ITV’s X Factor.

Here you can watch the official music video to Alyssa Bonagura’s cover of Thank You For Being A Friend:

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