Battersea Advert Music – Dogs & Cats Home Favourite Breed

Battersea is ‘Here For Every Dog And Cat’ and in this new tv ad campaign, the dogs and cats home bring it to our attention that rescue is actually our nation’s favorite breed, with one in four cats and dogs now rescues.

Battersea says they believe “Rescue pets are the best pets. With character, quirks and lots to give, they all deserve a second chance and a happy home”. It’s always great to see animals finding the loving home they deserve and, if you’d like to do your bit, you can find out more by visiting the home’s official website

Song Title: Go.
Artists: The Black Keys.
Download From: Amazon UK.

This Battersea advert song is a tune by American rock music duo The Black Keys called ‘Go’. The single was released back in May and can also be downloaded as part of the band’s ninth album ‘Let’s Rock.

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