Barclays Advert Music 2021 – Master Your Moneyverse

Featuring a distinctive piece of music that may get the attention of Prodigy fans, here we see the brand-new 2021 Barclays TV advert that encourages you to “Master Your Moneyverse” with help from the Barclays app.

The rather big-budget-looking ad shows a man taken away from his cleaning when he opens the bank’s smartphone app as he’s transported into outer space, surrounded by visual representations of his finances and monthly spending.

Judging by the large number of trains, buses, and cars in this guy’s personal moneyverse, a heck of a lot of his spending goes on public transport, which leads the actor to declare “I’m gonna cycle more”.

The man is guided by the ad’s voiceover, who we thought sounded like the star of the bank’s recent ‘All-Seeing Feeling’ campaign, actor Alexia Khadime, who shows him just where his money is going and where he can save. It turns out though that the voice however is in fact provided by British rapper Speech Debelle.

Song Title: Out of Space.
Group: The Prodigy.
Album: Experience.
Download or Preview at: Amazon UK.

Song Title: Chase The Devil.
Singer/Band: Max Romeo & The Upsetters.
Album: War Ina Babylon.
Download or Preview at: Amazon UK.

Well done to any of you who identified the music playing in this ‘Master Your Moneyverse’ 2021 Barclays advert as the song choice is far from obvious.

The ad uses a slowed-down edit of English electronic dance music band The Prodigy’s 1992 hit single ‘Out of Space’, which reached number 5 on the UK charts.

Out of Space itself samples the 1976 reggae song ‘Chase the Devil’ that was recorded by Jamaican reggae artist Max Romeo with Lee “Scratch” Perry’s house band The Upsetters.

5 February 2021

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