Audi Quattro – ‘Are You Being Served?’ Theme Tune

Here you’ll find all the music info for the latest Audi Quattro ‘Everyday Extremes’ department store commercial.

Song Title: ‘Are You Being Served?’ Theme Tune (cover).
Download The Original Version From: iTunes and Amazon.

Following on quickly from the car manufacturers Speed Isn’t Everything – Windmills Of Your Mind advert, Audi are back with a new ad for their Quattro all-wheel drive technology. The video shows an Audi A4 being driven around a department store at night to apparently demonstrate that Quattro delivers ‘All-wheel grip for everyday trips’. Providing the commercial’s soundtrack is a seemingly rerecorded version of the theme tune to BBC One’s classic sitcom ‘Are You Being Served?’

The song basically consists of the sound of a cash register, a bass line and a ladies voice announcing the stores different floors and departments. In the original version this voice was provided by actress Stephanie Gathercole, who briefly played the part of Mr Rumbold’s secretary.

Not that we’d expect there to be a huge demand from people wanting to buy the track anyway, but this cover version doesn’t appear to have been released for download. The very similar sounding original is however still available.

The above ‘Everyday Extremes’ advert was uploaded to the German car brands UK YouTube channel on the 15th of July, 2016.

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