Audi Q5 – ‘Now Is Calling’ SUV Commercial

Here we have all the soundtrack and musician details to the ‘Now Is Calling’ YouTube and TV ad for the All-New Audi Q5 SUV.

Song Title: Fools Rhythm.
Artist/DJ: Two Fingers.
Available To Download From: iTunes, Amazon UK and

Audi’s TV advert for their all-new Audi Q5 delivers a long list of things that are calling, enough in fact to make you want to switch off your phone. First of all Dawn is calling, then Curiosity, followed by Family, Silence and eventually Now.

The 30-second video shows the upgraded version of Audi’s best-selling SUV being driven around the usual empty city streets, first during the daytime, then at night.

Providing the soundtrack to this commercial for the Q5 is the electronic and hip hip DJ/music producer Amon Tobin, who’s better known by his stage name Two Fingers.

The track is titled ‘Fools Rhythm’ and was first released for download back in September, 2011. Audi’s ‘Now Is Calling’ commercial for the Q5 SUV was added to the German car manufacturers official UK YouTube channel on the 20th of March, 2017.

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