Audi Q2 – Untaggable Commercial #untaggable

Music and artist details for the latest Audi Q2 #untaggable ‘Can you define it?’ internet and TV commercial.

Song Title: Bangarang.
DJ/Rapper: Skrillex feat. Sirah.
Available For Download Via: iTunes and Amazon.

Ironically for a video titled ‘Untaggable’, this new advert for the Audi Q2 features more hashtags than I’ve ever seen crammed into 40 seconds. Asking viewers if we can define the A2, the German car manufacturer appears uncertain of just what category their latest creation fits into. Is it an SUV, coupe or all-road vehicle? Should it be tagged as polygonal, minimalist, hautecoutre? Or simply yellow, red or chameleon?

The hashtag slogans then continue with hotspot, social networker, tweet machine, off road, urban, crossover, city car and game changer. But after finally deciding that none of these labels do the A2 justice, the ad makers decided to go with #untaggable.

So now that we’ve established Audi don’t want to define this car as purely a coupe, SUV, off-roader or even a crossover, let’s get on to something we do know – The adverts soundtrack. The song you hear playing in the commercial is called ‘Bangarang’ – A track from 2012 by the American DJ, music producer and singer Skrillex, and featuring New York rapper Sirah.

This #untaggable ‘Can you define it?’ video was posted to the official Audi UK YouTube page on the 21st of September, 2016.

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