Audi Q5 – React ‘If I Only Had A Brain’

Here is the music and singer information to the new ‘React’ commercial for the Audi Q5 SUV and its intelligent technology.

Song Title: If I Only Had A Brain.
Artist/Musician: Faultline.

This latest Audi advert for their Q5 SUV focuses on the cars intelligent technology systems and how they effect and assist the driver in a variety of situations, including driving on uneven surfaces, in heavy traffic and in stormy weather. The song playing in this ad is ‘If I Only Had A Brain’, the lyrics of which you may well recognise from its performance in the classic 1939 film The Wizard of Oz.

While in the movie we see If I Only Had A Brain sung in a more uptempo style by actor Ray Bolger in the role of the Scarecrow, the version used in this advert was recorded by Faultline.

Although this slower cover has not been released as a full length single, you can of course still download the version from The Wizard of Oz via Amazon and iTunes.

Audi’s ‘React’ TV advert finishes with the tag line ‘It doesn’t just drive. It thinks.’ and was posted to the manufacturers UK YouTube channel on the 1st of June, 2017.

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