Audi A3 Advert – What a Time – Music by Ace Marino

This TV commercial for the new Audi A3 reflects on the thought “What a time to be an Audi”, along with many of the world’s other recent advances in technology.

Audi UK’s 30-second advert video points out that we’re flying to Mars, robots are cleaning people’s apartments, and that rockets have now learned to land after returning from space.

Following that, Audi showcase some of their A3’s latest bits of tech, which include high beam lights that react to other drivers, and the car’s ability to adapt to your mood.

Song Title: Communication.
Artist: Ace Marino.
Album: Cocaine Flamingo.
Download or Preview at: Amazon UK.

The Audi A3 advert song featured in this ‘What a time to be an Audi’ campaign is a piece of music called ‘Communication’ that was released in 2017.

Communication is a tune by the Southern Californian musician Ace Marino and is taken from his ‘Cocaine Flamingo’ album.


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