Asda George – Summer

Supermarket clothing line George At ASDA have just released this ad video to showcase their Summer collection, which includes Mexican bright’s and bold swimwear items.

Advert Music
Song Title: Do My Thing.
Artists: Estelle feat. Janelle Monáe.
Download From: iTunes or Amazon.

Featuring the lyrics “I wear my clothes like this because I can. I wear my hair like this because I can. I walk around like this because I can”, the very appropriate song choice to this fashion advert is ‘Do My Thing’ by English singer-songwriter and rapper Estelle.

Released for download in February, 2012, the single also features the American artist Janelle Monáe.

This 30-second ‘We Are George’ video was posted to the George At Asda YouTube channel on 9 May 2018.

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