Asda – Easter ‘Giant Hen’ #GiantHen

Song and singer information for Asda’s new ‘Giant Hen’ Easter TV ad. #GiantHen

Song Title: She’s a Lady.
Artist/Singer: Tom Jones.
Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

The soundtrack to Asda’s new #GiantHen Easter ad is provided by Welsh legend Tom Jones, signing his 1971 track ‘She’s a Lady’.

One of Sir Tom’s biggest worldwide hits, the song was written by the Canadian-American performer Paul Anka.

Ever wondered where Asda get their Easter eggs from? Well the supermarkets latest TV advert should hopefully answer all your questions. Apparently not delivered by lorry from one of their many warehouses, it appears Asda in fact get their eggs laid fresh in store, or at least on store.

The commercial shows a giant chocolate hen being transported to the supermarket, before climbing on to the roof. From there she begins laying some extra-large Easter eggs for the waiting staff below.

I’m not sure you’ll be able to get your hands on any quite that size, but with Asda claiming to have 20 million eggs in stock, customers should still find plenty to choose from this Easter.

Ahead of Easter weekend at the end of this month, this #GiantHen video was posted to Asda’s official YouTube channel on the 6th of March, 2016.

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