Asda – Weekday Winner

Music and band details to the supermarkets new ‘Turn a weekday dinner into a winner – Save Money. Live Better’ TV ad campaign.
Song Title: Turn Up.

Singers/Band: The Heavy.

Available To Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

Asda’s latest TV advert shows a mum arriving home from the supermarket to a typically hectic weekday scene, but promises viewers hassle-free meals that are worth sitting down for.

The song playing in the background of this ad is called ‘Turn Up’ and was recorded by British rock group The Heavy.

The Bath-based band released this track for download in March of 2016 and was the second song taken from their fourth studio album ‘Hurt & The Merciless’.

Targeting busy parents who’re looking for something quick and tasty to prepare at mealtimes, this 30-second ‘Weekday Winner’ video was posted to the official Asda YouTube channel on the 3rd of September, 2016.

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