Summer Has Started

Music and singer info to the supermarkets new barbecue-themed ‘Summer Has Started – Just Add Asda’ TV commercial. #justaddasda

This Summer Asda ad shows a father and his kids eager to get out in the garden at the first sign of warm sunny weather.

Song Title: Fragile.
Artist/Singer: Tiggs Da Author.

Despite it only being 7 o’clock in the morning, the family can’t wait to get the BBQ fired up and grilling some extra special burgers.

Only just getting out of bed though, the mother of this family appears a little less enthusiastic for a beefy breakfast.

The name of the song playing in this ad is ‘Fragile’, a track recorded by the London-based singer-songwriter Tiggs Da Author.

The song was recently featured in an online ad campaign for Virgin Active gyms, but so far hasn’t been released for download as a full single.

Encouraging viewers to unleash the kids, unleash the neighbours, grab a fork and get stuck in, the above ‘Summer Has Started – Just Add Asda’ video was posted to the supermarkets YouTube channel on the 15th of May, 2017.

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