Argos Advert, Summer 2020 – Good Life – Music by Inner City

The voiceover in this new 2020 Argos TV advert asks us if “This summer, are you good? Or are you good to go?” when it comes to making the most of the garden.

As we watch a family enjoy themselves in a garden packed with equipment, furniture, and toys, the ad reminds viewers of the retailer’s same-day home delivery service that’s available 7 days a week.

Song Title: Good Life.
Artist: Inner City.
Download From: Amazon UK.

Providing the soundtrack to this new Summer Argos advert is the American electronic music dance-pop group Inner City with their hit song ‘Good Life’.

Featuring vocals by singer Paris Grey, this track is taken the group’s debut album ‘Paradise’, with the single reaching number 4 on the UK charts in 1988.


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